Consulting - links to experts worldwide


There is not “THE” agriculture expert as the sector is too diverse on a global scale. That means, some elements can be managed globally, some have to be verified and consulted on a regional or even local scale. PROGIS has from the very beginning setup its entire software in a manner that local experts and their know-how can be integrated and is searching for its so called expert database the cooperation with local experts, public and/or private ones. This contains the local expert databases but also contains cooperation with local advisor services and the cooperation with highly specialized experts on specific sectors. Consultants that are interested to cooperate with us should send their Infos via contact form


Also forestry with its ten-thousands of different trees, with different methods managing forests to support the local circumstances needs local experts to be integrated. This not only for the setup of local growth tables for the different tree species but also for understanding of local regulations, needs etc. and for the optimized integration of forests in environmental caretaking and risk management.

Natural & Risk MGMT

In many countries it is seen as a total separate sector but understanding the deep integration of agricultural and/or forest work with the nature gives the possibility to optimize the entire sector including environment- and risk-management. When we also have seen the sectors agriculture, forestry, food and wood, water, health, nature, environment, natural risks as separate sectors, we need urgently to understand that they all are integrated and influencing them each other. ICT will be THE integrative sector where we can get all the information we need to manage it. The farmer and forester will always be the bottom fundament that can change something for the bettering of the entire situation but needs partly advisory or even scientific support. On the other hand, the supporting element – advisor or scientist - needs information that has the farmer as local expert maybe better than anybody else. These principles need to reflect into the setup of ICT systems that support the entire chain to make it sustainable and even usable for generations. We will need lots of the information from the past to maintain the future better, this in the same manner that we need lots of the information of the elder generation as well. ICT will help!